EndoOR Efficient image management for the operating room.

EndoOR is an application built on the EndoGI platform, but specific to the OR environment. It allows image capture from virtually any surgical camera on the market. Image storage and retrieval can be fully integrated with other Summit Imaging products throughout the facility. Images captured with EndoOR can be labeled and annotated as well.

EndoOR is a very convenient tool in applications where both endoscopy and surgery are performed in the same theatre.

Key Benefits

  • EndoOR is compatible with all popular endoscopy imaging equipment.
  • EndoOR can be used as a standalone unit, a traveling unit, or as part of a
    local or facility-wide network.
  • EndoOR Images are easily captured using the control buttons on the endoscope.
  • Convenient and intuitive drop down menus are provided on input and labeling screens.
  • Drop down menus on image labeling screens provide procedure-specific locations, which automatically match images with locations on anatomical diagrams.
  • EndoOR allows for annotation of images for additional description and accuracy.
  • During an exam, both current images and images from previous exams
    are available to view simultaneously.
  • EndoOR can output to color laser or inkjet printers.
  • EndoOR makes storage and retrieval of patients information and images quick and easy.

Sample Reports

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