EndoVet The EndoManager imaging solution for veterinary practices.

EndoVet is a turnkey, standalone image capture solution that allows you to digitally capture images from virtually any device, label and annotate images, print images, and archive images for future reference. Installation is as simple as plugging in a laptop or other computer, hooking up the printer and connecting to a processor.

Key Features

  • EndoVet is compatible with virtually all endoscopy imaging equipment.
  • Replaces your Mavigraph with up to date electronic data management technology.
  • Low cost workstation includes computer, monitor and cables, with printer optional.
  • The streamlined EndoVet application is fully image-capture capable, yet can be run from a laptop.
  • Capture images from any scope (Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon) providing SVideo or composite video input.
  • Easily enter patient and veterinarian demographics.
  • EndoVet allows for complete annotation and labeling of captured images.

Sample Reports

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